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Thomas AL, Coarfa C, Qian J, Wilkerson JJ, Rajapakshe K, Krett NL, Gunaratne PH and Rosen ST (2015). Identification of potential glucocorticoid receptor therapeutic targets in multiple myeloma. Nucl Recept Signal 13, e006. doi:10.1621/nrs.13006

Figure 1. Identification of genes regulated by combined GC and PI3K inhibition in MM.1S cells. (A) Heat map of gene expression following 3-h treatment of MM.1S cells with either vehicle control, 1 μM Dex, 25 μM LY294002, or a combination of Dex and LY294002. (B) Venn Diagram illustrating overlap of genes up- and down-regulated by GCs and PI3K inhibition alone and in combination.