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NRS 12, e001 | Figure 5

Gong P, Madak-Erdogan Z, Li J, Cheng J, Greenlief CM, Helferich WG, Katzenellenbogen JA and Katzenellenbogen BS (2014) Transcriptomic analysis identifies gene networks regulated by estrogen receptor α (ERα) and ERβ that control distinct effects of different botanical estrogens. Nucl Recept Signal 12, e001. doi:10.1621/nrs.12001


Figure 5. Comparison of the genes regulated by E2 or by each individual BE in the three ER cell backgrounds (ERα only, ERα + ERβ, ERβ only) Cells were treated with genistein, S-equol or liquiritigenin (1 μM) or E2 (10 nM) for 24 h prior to harvest of RNA and further processing. Venn diagrams show for each of the four compounds overlap of up- and down-regulated genes in each of the three cell backgrounds.