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NRS 12, e003 | Figure 1

Filgueira CS, Benod C, Lou X, Gunamalai PSVillagomez RA, Strom A, Gustafsson , Berkenstam AL and Webb P (2014) A screening cascade to identify ERβ ligands (2014)  Nucl Recept Signal 12, e003. doi:10.1621/nrs.12003


Figure 1. ÄKTA chromatogram and SDS-PAGE for the purification of ERβ LBD. Representative size-exclusion chromatogram from the ÄKTA purifier FPLC for the purification of ERβ LBD (A) and Coomassie stained SDS-PAGE gel after SEC of the pooled and concentrated eluted fractions at ~61 mL corresponding to ERβ LBD (B).