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NRS 12, e003 | Figure 3

Filgueira CS, Benod C, Lou X, Gunamalai PSVillagomez RA, Strom A, Gustafsson , Berkenstam AL and Webb P (2014) A screening cascade to identify ERβ ligands (2014)  Nucl Recept Signal 12, e003. doi:10.1621/nrs.12003


Figure 3. FP assay to verify ligand hits from compound libraries and determine selectivity for ERβ and ERα. Fluorescence Polarization versus concentration with (A-C) ERβ and (D-F) ERα for ligands identified as ERβ binders from the primary DSF assay. Curves shifted the furthest to the left represent those compounds with the greatest affinity for the protein. Error bars represent one standard deviation from the mean of triplicate reaction wells.