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NRS 12, e004 | Figure 4

Liu X and Giguère  (2014) Inactivation of RARβ inhibits Wnt1-induced mammary tumorigenesis by suppressing epithelial-mesenchymal transition. Nucl Recept Signal 12, e002. doi:10.1621/nrs.12003


Figure 4. Down regulation of the IGF1/AKT axis in Wnt1-induced Rarb-null tumors. (a) Western blot analysis of components of the IGF-1/AKT signaling axis in lysates derived from MMTV-Wnt1 and MMTV-Wnt1/Rarb-/- tumors. (b) Serum concentration of IGF-1 in Rarb-null and wild-type mice. N=5 for each group. (c) IGF-1 concentrations in the supernatant collected from Rarb-null CAFs in culture compared to the supernatant obtained from wild type fibroblasts. N=5 for each group. (d) Effect of RA (100 nM) on the expression of Igf1 mRNA from wild-type fibroblasts. N=4 for each group. (e) Growth curves of tumor cells cultured in the presence of conditioned media derived from wild-type (WT) or RARβ-/- mammary fibroblasts and immunoneutralized with an antibody (Ab) against IGF-1 or supplemented with IGF-1. *P < 0.05, ***P < 0.001.