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NRS 13, e002 | Figure 4

Oshida K, Vasani N, Jones C, Moore T, Hester S, Nesnow S, Auerbach S, Geter D, Aleksunes L, Thomas R, Applegate D, Klaassen D and Corton J (2015). Identification of chemical modulators of the constitutive activated receptor (CAR) in a gene expression compendium. Nucl Recept Signal 13, e002. doi:10.1621/nrs.13002

Figure 4. CAR activation or suppression in a mouse liver compendium. A. Assessment of CAR activation or suppression in a mouse liver compendium. A p-value of each of the ~1850 comparisons to the CAR biomarker signature was derived using the Running Fisher’s algorithm. All p-values were converted to –log10 values as described in Figure 3B. The number of biosets with a p-value  10-4 for either activation or suppression in the indicated categories are shown. B. Activation or suppression of CAR by chemical exposure. The cutoff values are shown for reference. C. Relationships between Car gene expression changes and predictions of CAR activation or suppression. The biosets were divided into those in which Car mRNA expression was increased, decreased or exhibited no change. Predictions of the number of biosets for CAR activation or suppression are shown for the three groups.