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NRS 13, e002 | Figure 7

Oshida K, Vasani N, Jones C, Moore T, Hester S, Nesnow S, Auerbach S, Geter D, Aleksunes L, Thomas R, Applegate D, Klaassen D and Corton J (2015). Identification of chemical modulators of the constitutive activated receptor (CAR) in a gene expression compendium. Nucl Recept Signal 13, e002. doi:10.1621/nrs.13002

Figure 7. Chemical suppression of CAR. Predictions of CAR activation/suppression were compared to the expression of the Car gene and expression of two markers of inflammatory responses, Rela and Jun (derived from the same microarray experiments). A. Suppression by acetaminophen. Effects of acetaminophen treatment were examined at either 3 or 6 hrs of exposure in four strains of mice from Liu et al. (2010) study. B. Suppression by lipopolysaccharide exposure. The study from which the bioset was derived is indicated by the GEO number. One study is not archived in GEO. C. Suppression of CAR by concanavalin A. Balb/c mice were injected with 20 mg/kg concanavalin A and sacrificed at the indicated times (from GSE17184). D. Suppression of CAR by 300 nm silicon dioxide particles. Mice were given intravenous injections of the indicated doses of the various sized silicon dioxide nanoparticles and then sacrificed at 6 hrs (from GSE30861).