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NRS 13, e005 | Figure 1

MacKrell JG, Yaden BC, Bullock H, Chen K, Shetler P, Bryan HU and Krishnan V (2015) Molecular Targets of Androgen Signaling that Characterize Skeletal Muscle Recovery and Regeneration. Nucl Recept Sig 13, e005. doi:10.1621/nrs.13005

Figure 1. LASC response to androgen receptor agonists. A. Representative images of levator ani satellite cell (LASC) line. B. LASCs were treated with increasing doses of Metribolone (Met; dark circles), Met + Bicalutamide (Bic; 200 μM; gray squares), NARA (black triangles), or NARA + Bic (200 μM; grey inverted triangles). IGF-1 expression (normalized to GAPDH) was used as an indicator of an androgen response. C-D. LASCs seeded in 96-well Acea plates for 24 h in appropriate media were then treated with increasing doses of C. NARA or D. IGF-1, and incubated 48 h. Cell proliferation was measured over a 48 h time period and the cell impedance index was plotted. E-G. LASCs were seeded in 6-well plates for 24 h. Cells were then incubated with or without cycloheximide (CHX; 10 μM) for 1 h followed by 48 h treatment with Vehicle or NARA (10 nM). Relative mRNA expression of E. Pax7, F. IGF-1, G. HGF (normalized to β-actin) was measured via real-time PCR. Data are means ± SEM. * p>0.05 vs Vehicle and † p<0.05 vs NARA, as determined by ANOVA and Dunnet’s post hoc analysis.