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NRS 13, e005 | Table 1

MacKrell JG, Yaden BC, Bullock H, Chen K, Shetler P, Bryan HU and Krishnan V (2015) Molecular Targets of Androgen Signaling that Characterize Skeletal Muscle Recovery and Regeneration. Nucl Recept Sig 13, e005. doi:10.1621/nrs.13005

 Table 1. Rat levator ani (LA) muscle cells defined as novel satellite cell line distinct from mature myoblasts. 
The Levator Ani Satellite cell (LASC) line was compared to the L6 myoblast cell line. Cells of each line were allowed to attach for 24 hours and maintained for 24 hours before being lysed for gene expression analysis. Relative mRNA expression (measured via real-time PCR) of a specific gene is represented by a plus sign (+), while no expression is indicated by minus signs (--). A 3-fold or greater gene expression difference between cell lines is indicated by double plus signs (++). Relative mRNA expression values (normalized to GAPDH) are displayed in parentheses.