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NRS 13, e006 | Figure 3

Thomas AL, Coarfa C, Qian J, Wilkerson JJ, Rajapakshe K, Krett NL, Gunaratne PH and Rosen ST (2015). Identification of potential glucocorticoid receptor therapeutic targets in multiple myeloma. Nucl Recept Signal 13, e006. doi:10.1621/nrs.13006

Figure 3. Clinical relevance of drug-induced combination treatment down-regulated genes is supported by multiple myeloma patient gene expression pattern. (A) Gene Expression Profile of myeloma patients in comparison to normal B cells and plasma cells. (B) GSEA of GO Biological Processes gene sets was performed on the myeloma patient gene signature determined in (A). Processes involving metabolism, cell death, and immune response were enriched. Top 30 most significant gene sets shown. (C) Number of genes with correlation between MM patients and combination treatment regulation with GC/PI3K inhibitor combination treatment. Importantly, 97 genes were found to be up-regulated in MM patients, but down-regulated following Dex/LY294002 treatment.