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NRS 13, e006 | Figure 4

Thomas AL, Coarfa C, Qian J, Wilkerson JJ, Rajapakshe K, Krett NL, Gunaratne PH and Rosen ST (2015). Identification of potential glucocorticoid receptor therapeutic targets in multiple myeloma. Nucl Recept Signal 13, e006. doi:10.1621/nrs.13006

Figure 4. Confirmation of gene and protein regulation by GC/PI3K inhibitor treatment. (A) GSEA was performed on the gene signature of all Dex/LY294002 down-regulated genes and the narrower signature of down-regulated genes with potential GR binding sites. Gene sets that were significantly enriched in both signatures are shown. Direct GR binding and regulation of genes within these gene sets may affect the down-regulation of additional genes in the set. Black arrows indicate gene sets that include BCL2L1 and blue arrows indicate gene sets containing RRM2. (B and C) MM.1S and MM.1RL were treated with 1 μM Dex, 25 μM LY294002, or in combination for 6 h and BCL2L1 (B) and RRM2 (C) expression was measured by qRT-PCR. (D) BCL-XL and RRM2 protein expression was quantified by immunoblot and normalized to β-actin and α-tubulin, respectively.